Wherever You Are – You are Supposed to Be

Wherever you are – you are supposed to be. When you find yourself wanting to be in the future rather than where you are presently, realize you are getting ahead of yourself.  Unfortunately, you cannot move forward from some future place that does not exist. You can only move forward from where you are now.  Back up energetically to the present moment.  The steps forward can only be found from this place right here in front of you.

Sometimes the steps are to sit, listen and contemplate.  There may be things you need to learn and understand in this present moment – things you are being directed to discover that will actually heal you and assist you in getting to your future goals and dreams. Take time to sit and listen – what are you being guided to see? to understand? to learn? to heal? What is the gold in this experience?

Also, the things that you want to happen may not be ready to come together yet – situations may be percolating and arranging themselves behind the scenes.  The people you are meant to meet are moving through their life as well getting ready to cross your path – it is an intricate dance. If you think about all the things that need to come together at just the right moment – it is mind boggling and amazing.  And – there may be an even better outcome than you could imagine if you let things take shape and stay out of the way.  That is the magic possible!  Synchronicity at work.  

I am not suggesting that this is easy by any means -mastery is not the easy path.  It absolutely can be difficult to wait, especially when the present moment is filled with difficulties that seem to drain you and sap your spirit – and the way out seems blocked and/or filled with obstacles.  That is the challenge.  Will you let these things take you down or will you stand strong and have faith that the things and people that are meant to find you will eventually show up? It takes steadiness, patience and determination.  Remembering to rise above the challenges rather than let them defeat you.  You are building strength, character and mastery.  

Pain and heartache in the present can find us wishing for more pleasant experiences -yes.  We are human. However, while the no man’s land of the future can be enticing, it will keep you stuck in a never ending, unproductive spin.  Sure, it is good to plan ahead and have dreams; however, living ahead of ourselves is self-sabotaging.  Come back to where you are now -it may be difficult and unpleasant, but the steps to move through it are here in front of you – not in some future destination.   Trust and have faith that you are being guided in the right direction – the path is there – you will be shown the next steps.

There is gold to find where you are right now.  The gold of wholeness.  Once you have found that gold and have embraced its lesson – you will see an open door.


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