How Past Memories Are Important Guides Into Who We Are

Was out in the sun today and it ended up turning cloudy – you can still get a sunburn when it is cloudy.   I learned this lesson first hand.  I remember when I was a young child going swimming in the lake when it was cloudy and getting SO sunburn with my fair skin. My younger sister and I stood there later that evening our arms outstretched while my dad used cotton balls to put vinegar on our sunburn to take away the sting.
I see where I get my tendency for natural cures – my dad was always that way. He read a lot about natural cures – being on the front end of that kind of thinking. I received my Kassandra knowing from him – Kassandra being the goddess that warned about the infamous Trojan Horse. I extended that knowing studying astrology and crystals and energy healing and incorporating all of that into my love of psychology. It has taken me a long time to get to this point – but I am getting there.
I think people wonder where I came from? How do I know what I know? I just show up and I know.  How is that possible?  Well, I can’t really explain it other than I just know. It has always been that way with me. I can sense things – I remember a colleague of mine having a skin cancer lesion and was so worried about it – I just knew she would be alright – and I innocently told her so – that I sensed it wasn’t serious. She felt something when I said that to her and asked me if I was clairvoyant. I hadn’t really thought of it like that – I just know things, but it did cause me to recognize something about myself.  By the way, she did end up being just fine – she had it surgically removed and was just fine. More recently, I found out through a very good astrologer that I have the asteroid Imhotep prominent in my astrology chart – Imhotep was the first surgeon – and practiced in ancient Egypt.  More clues to my identity.
Many times people do not listen to me when I warn them and then years later they come back and tell me I was right. I take no pleasure in that – the pain that they suffered from not listening . I only warn people because I care. It is a difficult gift to carry – the gift of knowing. You have to stand by and watch things fall apart and people go through pain and that gives you pain – very deep pain. You have to learn how to live with that pain. That is the curse – you get to know, but that doesn’t mean people will listen.
You also have to take very good care of your body so that you remain a clear channel of knowing – that is the responsibility part of it.  You have the obligation to take care of the gift you have received so that you can use it properly and wisely.  That is part of the contract.  What an important and timely placed thought as the comet Neowise is currently transiting our earth.
Interesting how being out in the sun today which turned to clouds led to reflecting on a sunburn I experienced as a child, which led me into more reflection on who I am and where I came from. Yet this is how it works with self discovery.  The memories that stand out for us are important pathways into discovering ourselves. However, we are so busy trying to be productive that we rarely take the time to reflect on these things. Now that things have slowed down, we are being forced to do that very thing – self reflect.  It is not a punishment, but a gift if you can see it that way.  What will you discover about yourself that will help you move forward in a new way?