So very difficult to be Kassandra and to know things and see things crashing around you and you knew it was going to happen and you explained this, but almost nobody listened. You feel people’s pain and you warn them, but they won’t listen. You love and you wish you could stop that love because there is so much pain in it, but you cannot stop it. Because love has a mind of its own. Love says – no, you will stay here and learn – through the pain, you will learn – you will grow.
You want to know, but you don’t want to know because you have to watch it all crash and people suffer – and then you suffer because you knew and could have prevented the pain, but you have no control over that. You can only warn. Like a mother warning her child – you cannot make choices for others, nor would you want to – you just want them to be ok – to be safe- to heed your wise advice. Because when they are in pain, you are in pain.
There is the conflict between what you know to be true and what someone says is true. There is the denial and the gaslighting. Making you feel like you are the crazy one. Why would anyone not tell the truth? It makes no sense. When there is truth, there is clarity and peace of mind. Yes, it changes everything – telling the truth changes everything. That is where the fear resides. When you have been lying for so long and your life is on a course of lies – you must not know who you are anymore. When truth comes, it IS overwhelming because it will completely change the course of your life and yes, you will lose control. But really, you never had control anyways. That is the great myth, that any of us has any control over anything or anyone. We can only control our responses to life -we have no control over what life gives us.
I have the challenge and task of representing the truth – rarely do people want to hear the truth. So they will stay away from me or run from me or attack me for fear of hearing the truth. And yet there is nothing to fear in truth – truth is what will save us all. Yes truth changes your life because you need to start having boundaries and removing people from your life that no longer serve you. Truth creates change and no one really wants change. They want a “look” and this false status quo that doesn’t make anyone happy. Love and realness are what we are here for. We need to get back to that.
And if we do not chose this on our own, it will be forced upon us because we cannot keep going on this trajectory – we have not been able to reign ourselves in and make the wise decisions on our own. We have not listened to the wise ones. So things will be corrected for us because there is a larger picture operating here. EVERYONE needs to be considered – not just the few. As Mr. Spock would say – “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one”. Good Aquarian, collective thinking and with my Kassandra/Chariklo/Zeus/Saturn in Aquarius – I am this voice.  This voice of awareness and of clarity.